Athlete Profile: Alex Watson

Alex Watson second person from the left

Alex Watson second person from the left

 Name: Alex Watson     

Sport: Modern Pentathlon

Gender: Male

Age at the time of incident: 29

Alex’s first known use of drugs was in the 1988 at the Seoul Olympics. This was the first time that an Australian had failed a drug test.Alex was tested during the Fencing Section of the Olympic event and failed a urine test which

showed excessive caffeine levels. Alex had over the allowable amount of caffeine in both his urine samples.  

 Alex Watson told the IOC that he had drunk 12-15 cups of coffee and at least 2-3 cups of cola. He did this over a 12 hour period.The IOC did not believe his accusations and disqualified him from the Olympic Games.

This was the first ever disqualification of an Australian athlete from a drug offence.The IOC and the AOC (Australian Olympic committee) both agreed on his consequences but the AOC took it one step further with banning Alex for life from any future Australian Team selections. Then after this the UIPM applied a ban of 2 years from any athletic competitions.Alex felt this punishment was very unfair as he said that he was “innocent” so he appealed to the court and the AOC life ban was reduce to a 2 year ban.

 Mr Watson agreed that he was over the allowed caffeine level but stated that he did not have the caffeine to enhance his performance; he was only drinking these things to keep up his fluids so he would not get dehydrated. He also denied that he had taken caffeine in any other methods.

 Alex went on to compete in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona which made that his fourth time. Alex always maintained the profile that he was innocent and says that he knew in his heart that he did nothing wrong.  


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Alex Watson on the left and Daniel Esposito on the right

Alex Watson on the left and Daniel Esposito on the right

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